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If It Is Worth It, You will Put in the Work!!!

Updated: May 10, 2022

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As I was reading my journal from November 2017, I stumble upon this piece that I never got to finish. Now, let me tell you something about me. I get very excited when I find bits and pieces of writings that I didn't get to finish, It means all of a sudden I have something to write about and your girl love to write.

There are so many sayings behind the idea of if it is worth it, you will fight for it. I recently graduated from College and this was no easy task. I knew my degree was worth the struggle (even if sometimes I questioned it ahah), so I put in the work. Maybe you are in school right now, just starting your career, studying for a board exam, working on a brand new idea, or just pushing through life with everything you have in you for a better tomorrow. You simply put in the work because you know that it will be worth it in the long run.

For instance, the best Basket Ball player at the moment Stephen Curry (do not debate me on this one) is great at what he does. Lebron James too! They did not simply become great players by saying how much they love the game or by going to as many games as possible. They put in the work day and night tirelessly. I am sure you understand that when it comes to athletes, college, career, and almost everything else in life.

It is the same when it comes to our spirituality. But, somehow I don't think we see our relationship with God like that. We think it will just spark without no time and dedication on our part. Well, I used to think like that. Now, receiving God's grace need no work Jesus already did all the work, but living to have a relationship with Him require time and dedication. In November 2017, I wrote this title " Becoming Spiritually Successful." I jotted down a few points and I left it blank. I had the thought, but I just could not warp my head around it because at that time I thought I would just have a relationship with God by doing almost nothing.

Today I can say, the same way that I knew my academic success would not come overnight and required time and dedication, I found out that my walk of faith required time and dedication too. In the past two years, I had to be willing to set some time aside to read the Bible, Pray, attend Church regularly and make time for community to spend time with like minded Christians. Learning the ways of God, His word, knowing Him better and having a good relationship with Him requires time. The same way you make time to go out on dates because you know relationships need water to flourish it is no different than a relationship with God. Make the time to spend time with Him. Make that your priority.

My question for you today is, what are you telling yourself is worth it, yet you are not putting in the work? Is it strengthen your relationship with God by praying and reading the Bible? 'Is it setting time and funds aside to go out on date with your spouse or just make nice gesture with them? Is it starting a new project you've been putting off for years? Is it working on your "summer body"? What is it?

Whatever it is "If it is really worth it, you will put in the work."

In other words, until you put in the work, it is not worth it for real! So, put in the work today!!!

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