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About me

About me: 
📚✨ My journey with Daenne's Journal began in August 2017 through The Odyssey Online. It all started as a way to share my exchange journey with the world, through brief articles capturing the essence of my experiences.

During my exchange, something incredible happened. I encountered Christ for the first time and felt a calling like never before. The Holy Spirit began a transformative work within me, igniting a passion for journaling and pouring out my heart on topics beyond my exchange adventures.

On December 20, 2019, I hosted my very first event, "Daenne's Journal Talk." It was a magical opportunity for readers of Daenne's Journal to connect, ask questions, and even win some exciting prizes!

Little did I know that when I first started writing, my path would unfold in ways I could have never imagined. But as Proverbs 19:21 reminds us, it is the purpose of the Lord that prevails over our own plans.

Stay tuned for more captivating stories, insightful reflections, and the beautiful journey that unfolds through Daenne's Journal. Together, let's discover the wonders that lie ahead! 🙏✨

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My dear Daenne, I simply love your blog. I admit I am always a day (ok sometimes a week) late in reading them but I find a little nugget of inspiration and hope every time. 
It’s funny sometimes I’m thinking of something and then your message will pop up. 
Keep up the good work boo 😘

DarLyne Jean Charles

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