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Waiting for the Perfect Time

Cover Image by Angelica Garcia

Can you believe my last published article was on October 2022? I know!

When I first started writing, I used to do it for the joy of it. It made me feel great. It was such a great way to share my thoughts and experiences. Also, I had a deadline and quota to meet with the site that I used to write for. When I started writing for myself, things started to get slower. In the beginning, I thought I just needed to get into the groove of things. The more time passed by, the more articles I have in my drafts. I have about 40 drafted articles. I find myself waiting for the perfect time to edit the articles. I find myself looking for the perfect time to start writing consistently again. It's been over two years.

For February and March, I had a packed month with work events and speaking engagements. Not the perfect time to write. In December, I had work activities and friends in town, not the perfect time. In November, I had events and I went on vacation for two weeks. This past weekend, I told myself I would work on one of the drafted articles, but I tested positive for COVID. As I am curled up in bed with this non-stop cough and body ache, I realize there will never be a perfect time for me to create. I must prioritize making a perfect time happen and have a realistic goal for myself. I used to publish weekly, and I haven't posted in months. I am not going to set myself up for failure by over-committing. But, I will be posting bi-monthly. If you don't see new articles, you can reach out to keep me on my toes. Certain things in life require time and dedication to plan. There is power in waiting. I am an overthinker at heart, so I understand the urge you may have to overthink. Sometimes, you have to go for it! Just start somewhere.

Whatever you have been thinking about, this is your reminder to start working. Start creating. Start sharing your uniqueness with the world. If you are waiting for the perfect time, you might wait forever.

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