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Once Upon a Time, this View was Breathtaking

Updated: May 10, 2022

Cover Image by: Lavender Sheshe

I wanted my first post of the year to be so many things, but I have no choice but to obey when ideas come.

I was about to step out, and I asked my roommate to take pictures of me. As I was looking at the pictures, I said, "oh wow" what a view! It looks nice out here. I barely see the beauty anymore, I told her. Then, I left.

I was looking at the pictures later, so I can choose one to post. I said to myself, how come I don't see the beauty of this view anymore? One of the many reasons I moved to my new place was the view. When I first moved, I used to sit on the balcony all the time. I would eat outside. I would open the windows by the dinner table when I eat inside.

But somehow, this marvelous view became normal. Did the view change? I think not. Every time I have a guest over, the first thing they notice is the view, so the view is still there. It's just not something that I pay attention to anymore. This made me think about a sermon I once heard from my former pastor "remember God's faithfulness by telling your story to yourself". Just like I overlook this view, just like young children don't care much about toys after a few days, we lose sight of our story once it become this normal thing.

Sometimes I would read the old testament and can't wrap my mind around how rebellious the Israelites were towards God, to realize that Christians today, including me, are just like them. The Lord commanded the Israelites to place twelve rocks in the middle of the Jordan River to serve as a reminder of how the Lord had been faithful to them (Joshua 4). It was also supposed to be something that they would teach their children, but the next generation did not know the Lord, meaning that somewhere along those years, these rocks became normal stones without meaning. Many times, we pray earnestly only to complain or forget about the blessing later. I am guilty of that. Just because God's mercy renews every day does not mean it is just normal, and you don't need to thank him. God was there with the generations that grew without knowing him in the old testament, and he is here today with us. We still have time to repent and live for him. When I first came to know the Lord, that is the only thing I talked about. Throughout the years, the flame died and revived.

Being saved is not just a normal thing. You have to remember that you didn't earn it, you don't deserve it, yet He chose you because He loves you and He is merciful. I plead with you today not to lose sight of your testimony. Share your testimony because, again, being saved is not just a normal thing!

Go out there and live out your SALVATION!

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