God's Timing is Perfect- I moved out of Florida

Updated: Aug 27

Daenne‘s Journal Fam, I am so excited to share with you that I moved out of Florida. Before I tell you more about this big change, I want you to remember that changes CAN BE GOOD. I know I wanted to write a post about this big shift, but I had no idea what I wanted to say. As I was at orientation for my new job this week, we spoke about changes. As humans, we don’t like changes. We like the things that we are used to which is okay (I highly recommend reading who moved my cheese). I have to tell you most of my growth has happened because of some changes (prime example is my exchange journey in Louisville Kentucky). I will write an article about tips for moving sometimes soon because for the past 4 years I’ve moved 4 times, 3 local and 1 state. I think by now I’m almost an expert at moving (but I do not wish to move again ANYTIME SOON).

As you probably know, I graduated last year with my healthcare MBA. I spent an entire year looking for a job. If you’re currently looking for a job, I know it can be hard, but DO NOT STOP. As I was looking for a job, my prayer has always been “God I don’t want a job for a paycheck, I want a job that I care about, I want a job that aligns with what I’m passionate about”. I joke a lot saying that my prayers were a little too specific because that made the process a lot longer for me. Now that I just finished my first week of work, I can see that God was really preparing me to do this job. It was worth the wait!

Sometimes God lets things happen and we don’t get to know the reason until months or years later if we’re lucky. Sometimes we may never know which is why He is God. But, I found out this week that God was designing my path all along, I just had no idea. As part of my MBA capstone, we had to do a thesis in order to graduate. I was going through so much at the time, and I almost didn’t submit my thesis. I am so grateful to my thesis committee and especially our program director who pushed me to finish this paper. My thesis was titled Healthcare Disparities in Rural Areas. Since day one, our program director told us that we should focus our thesis on something that we are passionate about because we never know what door our thesis might open for us. Sure enough, SHE WAS RIGHT!

I have joined an innovative group of individuals at Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Medicine in Las Vegas Nevada who are passionate about healthcare to Bring forth change! As Community Outreach Manager, I will be doing exactly what my research was based on. The materials I was going over for training have some of the same verbiages as my thesis and all I could do was smile. I shared this with you to remind you that God is always working on your behalf and his timing is perfect! I never knew that I would be going to Nevada ( even if I always knew that I would be leaving Florida). God has a plan for your life, trust him even if you do not see a way yet! It may take you 11 months to find THE JOB, but if it is the right one it’s worth every second that you spent waiting!

What does this mean for Daenne's Journal??? Not much will change. I will continue to write. The online store will remain open except that I will no longer have the curbside pick-up available. We will re-start our Sip and Chats this month. Keep an eye out for an email with more details soon.

Here are a few pictures from week one :)

Image by: Roseman University media team

Image by: Shika

Image by: Shika