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A Journey to the Right Church and a Loving Church Family in Las Vegas

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As a blogger, I find myself drawn to articles on controversial topics, even though I tend to steer clear of writing them myself. One recent topic that caught my attention was the debate on whether attending church contributes to one's spiritual growth (in other words, does it make you a better or worse Christian for attending or not). Reflecting on my own experiences, particularly my move to Las Vegas two years ago, I couldn't help but consider how finding a church community became an integral part of my journey in navigating the challenges of relocation.

Two years ago, I moved to Las Vegas, I didn't know anyone in town other than my colleagues. Finding a home church was important to me, but I almost got comfortable watching church online. I moved in October 2021. I started visiting churches in November 2021. Not bad, I know! I visited multiples churches for at least a month. When I am looking for a church I usually visit for at least a month unless it is UNBIBLICAL; then, I run as fast as I can. One of the most memorable churches I visited was too big for my taste. It was really hard to connect. The worship was AMAZING, but that was not the most important thing to me. The other memorable one I visited was the right size. The preaching was solid. I almost stayed. I spoke to one of the pastors about serving, but no one ever reached out. I asked someone else; there were a list of requirements which no one followed up on to confirm if I had them or not. Since, I really liked the preaching, I stopped asking and just continued attending. I finally asked about their small groups since they never announced it. They only had a women's group that met during the day once a month. That was it for me. Although, I continued to go to that church whenever I felt like it.

I finally prayed about finding the right church for me. I wanted a church that was biblically sound, has a small group, and has different ways to use my gifts . Those were my top priorities. In June 2022, I typed in google "church near me with young adults small group". My church's young adult Instagram's page came up. I was so excited! I DM'ed them and inquired about the small group.

After doing some research, I realized that they had a Wednesdays night service. I attended that service. I met the most gifted greeter EVER Meka! She was so welcoming and making sure that she got my name. After service, of course she flagged me down. Without asking, she told me all about the young adults group and told me how to get in touch with them. I went to small group the following week and continued to visit. Every time I went to service, she made sure to come say hi no matter how far she sat from me. God really used my sister to answer my prayer. I got a chance to hear all of the different pastors preach before making a decision. After I became a member, I found out that the church had just started this small group. Had I gone anytime earlier, it would have been the right church at the wrong time. I thank God for his impeccable timing.

I connected with one of the pastors and started serving as part of the announcements team which is something I used to do at my former church. I started teaching and not too long after I had the honor of overseeing our New Beginnings Ministry. God truly works in mysterious ways. When people ask what ministry I serve in? I say I serve wherever the church needs me. I try not to say it too loud cause it can becomes LITERAL very quickly.

Finding a church in a new state or city can be very hard, but don't give up. I am glad I didn't give up because I couldn't imagine doing life with a better church family. My church portrays what the bible describe when it comes to love.

I was sick sometimes in 2023. It is very unlike me to miss important meetings or church events. I told one person I had covid. She ensured that she shared with the prayer team and the others whom I serve with. That was my second time catching covid. The collective prayer worked! I was healed in no time. During that time, my brothers and sisters checked on me EVERYDAY. They brought me groceries and offered home cooked meals. I was sick again this month. They cared for me AGAIN. I lacked nothing, LITERRALLY. I really thank God for plugging me in such a loving church. I also realized that if I only attended church on Sundays and go home, chances are no one would know if I got sick.

To the point of making you a better Christian, God didn't call us to do life alone. I am glad that I found a church that gives me the opportunity to use my gifts. I am also happy for the community I am a part of knowing that I always have someone I can call. I learned quickly that not everyone is looking for the same things in a church. My prayer for you today is that you will find the right biblically sound church for you. We all need a church home to help us grow spiritually and have community.

If you are ever visiting Las Vegas or live in Las Vegas, come visit the most loving church in this city New Hope Las Vegas.

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