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Don't Let the Blessing Interfere with the One that Blessed You

Updated: May 10, 2022

Student Success Panel, Houston, TX

In this picture, I was smiling from ear to ear (can't you tell?). I was happy, I was excited, I felt grateful. I felt all the amazing things one feel when something amazing happens. At that conference, I was the only chosen student to represent FIU. So, you can only imagine how I must have felt to be "the one". In the heat of the moment, if we are not careful, we can get carried away and lose track of perspective. This is something that is so easy to happen, and I see it happen in my life.

When I first started Daenne's Journal with the Odyssey, my first blog had about 50 views. I was excited to say the least. Then a month later, I was at 500 viewers. It kept on growing. I remember when I first received an email about having 12k views, I could not contain my excitement. Being excited about things that God do in your live is not wrong. In fact, we ought to be grateful! But, when we let the blessing consume us, that is a whole different story. I went down that road for a while.

It got to a point in my journey with Daenne's Journal where I cared more about the views than my content. I would tailor my articles towards the topics that I realized that had the most views, and guess what? They did not do well as I Hoped. I remember getting upset when my friends didn't share my articles on social media or if someone simply mention that they haven't read my latest article. I became so obsessed with checking my views, and checking my friends timeline to make sure that they were sharing my articles. I was really persistent with people, and it was really unhealthy.

It was bad!!!

You know the thing that made me the way I was is that I lost track of my perspective . Somehow I thought that I was running the show. I forgot that Daenne's Journal is not about me that I am just a Vessel (Next Article). At the beginning, I used to pray for Daenne's Journal, I used to pray for my readers, I used to pray that God touch at least one person with my content, I used to thank God for blessing me with the gift of writing, but pride and so many other things got in the way.

The more I live this Christian life, the more I realize how much alike I am to the Israelite. Time after time God told them "do not forget the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt", but they forgot so quickly. Spiritual amnesia is a real deal. We forget the things that God do for us so quickly. We forget that all the glory belong to Him. I forgot the Lord my God in those moments. I thought that "my" writing was attracting the readers, I forgot that God is the one that blessed me with the gift of writing and get the readers to read to begin with. I had to truly repent from that and stop writing to please my audience and truly stay in the word to be inspired just like at the beginning. One of the practical things I did was not checking my views, and stop asking my friends whether they read or not. I firmly believe that when I post a content God will make the right people that is suppose to read see the post and be blessed by the content. It's not an accident that you are reading this.

The same thing that happened to me can happen to you with anything in your life if you are not careful. I was in denial for a long time. I thought I just wanted them to see it, I just want Daenne's Journal to grow. Examine yourself, be truthful to see who or better yet what is on the throne of your heart. Is it your marriage, your grades, getting your degree, your business?

Is it your current blessings or the one that has Blessed you???

Keep God at the center of your life, thank Him, and always put Him first. You don't want the things that He blessed you with to replace Him in your life.

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