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Don’t be too Hard on yourself ! It is OKAY to Feel...........

Updated: May 10, 2022

Today I will do absolutely Nothing Cover Image by Lavender Sheshe

Fill in the blank with however you are feeling as you are reading this or have been feeling for the last couple of days.

During this quarantine, I’ve said many things like I should have done this. I could have done this. I’m wasting my time and so on. It took a while for me to realize that it is an abnormal time and it is okay to not have it all together. Do you remember my article "I don't have it all together"? It was about time I revisit it.

Today I would like you to remember that it’s okay to take a break from the fast life. It’s okay to take time simply to breathe. It’s okay to not feel like your best at all time. We are all humans. Most people only put the best version of themselves out there. So, believe me when I say no one got it all together. This is not the time to look at how some parents are doing activities with their kids and feel like a bad parent. You do not know what happens behind the cameras. You are doing the best you can, you should be proud. A lot of people are starting new businesses, I applaud that. But, if you need to take a break from planning and launching it is okay too. A lot of students are excelling, but if you need to take break it is okay. The truth is, not everyone cope the same way. What works for you may not work for me. So, don't be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to feel....

A very wise person told me once to be kind to myself. So today I’m telling you to forgive yourself and be kind to you ! It will make a difference.

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