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What do you do when the Uncertainties of COVID-19 Get Louder than your Faith?

Updated: May 10, 2022

Daenne's Journal Fam,

It took me a while to write this article. I started to draft something last week, I deleted the whole thing. Everything I journal about, I felt like it wasn't good enough. If you've been reading my articles, you probably know that I stay away from any topic or news that is trending. This time is different. This time is just so different. This is the first to the many Daenne's Journal articles related to COVID-19.

To be honest, the answer to the title question at first glance is "a shrug shoulder". Really, who knows, right?

Let's look at it this way, tomorrow is not promised now. Tomorrow was never promised before. Exactly two years ago today I published the article Tomorrow is not Promised, the main verse for this article was James 4:14 "Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."click here. We never knew what the next day would bring before the COVID-19, but with it now we have one more reason to fear the unknown. As human beings, we like to be in "the know". We want to know what the next step is. We don't like to be told what to do and what not to do. But, this is a season of complete reliance on God. The only thing we can do is to completely depend on God. At least for me, that is the only thing keeping me going.

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting at work and there were discussions about remote work. I deal a lot with face to face cases daily, so I was told that I would not be able to work remotely. At that moment, I felt like my heart was sinking. I called my parents and my aunt to vent. I told them how in a week or so I would be without a job. I was salty for like two days. I mean really salty! My uncertainties were louder than my faith. But, I am so glad I SERVE A GRACIOUS GOD! I started to think about a time when I was not working at all and God took care of me. I remembered the days where God blessed me through scholarships and random gifts from different people. My heart started to get really heavy. I felt so ungrateful, I felt like I forgot who my God was and is. I quickly asked him for forgiveness, and I said this "quick and simple" prayer :

"God you took care of me before I had this job, I know you will continue to take care of me. You are the one that provide for me through this job, I know that you will provide for me one way or another".

After this prayer, I felt so free. I am so grateful for my brother Andres and sister Peg who encouraged me through it all. They reminded me constantly of the goodness of God in my life. A week later, I was having a casual conversation with someone that was working remotely and I asked them "how remote work was going" which led me to know that I would start to work remotely the next day. At that moment, I was in awe with my God. I thanked him that he took care of me this way, but I told him that I knew he would take care of me this way or another.

I share all of this with you today to remind you that LIFE IS FULL OF UNCERTAINTIES. The virus did not start the uncertainties. The virus did not start troubles. Life always had them. Also, the virus did not start our fears, the virus is only shedding light on the deepest part of our hearts. I was not fearful because I might have lost my job. NO! I was fearful because my DEPENDENCE was on that job. GOD IS MY PROVIDER, not my job. The same is true for you. He is your provider. Last night I was on a zoom call and a brother in Christ mentioned " we don't always posture ourselves as dependent". We like to be independent and figure it out. Now we have something called COVID-19 to remind us that we are indeed dependents, and the only one that knows what tomorrow hold is God. God was always Lord over the future, but it took this for me to be reminded of it loud and clear.

In my last article God is in Control even when we wander away I mentioned "I have been worrying while forgetting that God is in control. My strong reminder for today is God has a plan, he is in my boat and I only need to be still." I am so glad that God has brought my wandering heart back to him just in time. I pray that you use this moment to draw closer to God. I pray that these few days of uncertainties make you realize how much you need God. I pray that if you have never placed your faith in Christ, you turn to him. He is here ready to receive you in his family.

I want to do something different this time. I want to know what are some things that you have learned due to COVID19 besides that toilet paper is important ahahah. Please click here to share with me and I will be sharing all of our thoughts in my next article.

Again the answer to what do you do when the uncertainties of COVID-19 gets louder than your faith is to surrender your heart to GOD. It is so easy to stop trusting God in times like this. His love remains the same. His word remains true. One song that really brought a smile to my face today was Give me Faith by Elevation Worship.

If you read my articles, I want you to know that I pray for you often that the Lord uses these writings to bless you. If you have any specific prayer requests, I would love to pray for you. Please click here.

Wash your hands, stay home and be Safe!

Stay tuned for my next article...

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