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Updated: May 10

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At the last Sip and Chat, we spoke about Journaling. Then, I realized this blog is called Daenne's Journal and I've never written an article about Journaling. I have been journaling for quite some time now- since I was a teenager. I thought I would share some of the benefits with you.

Journaling helps process your thoughts. I journal at night about my day. Some days I go through so many emotions and I barely have time to process them all. You know, things like being cut off in traffic, having added tasks at work, getting into an accident, finding your apartment flooded. Maybe that list was extreme, but these could really all happen in a day. If you have a day like this, you don't have time to process these things as they happen. If you have a habit to journal, you can process your thoughts as you write down all the things that happened during the day.

Journaling helps you keep a record of important events. I am an expressive person, and I tend to live in the moment as good things are happening. With that comes feelings that come and go. Journaling about what happens helps me to keep a record of the good and the bad. I can always look back and read and be grateful.

Journaling helps you get outside of your head. If you are an overthinker like me, I would encourage you to start journaling. As a writer, one of the things I do best is making up stories in my head sometimes that have nothing to do with reality. Writing all my thoughts down has helped me get in tune with reality.

Journaling helps you mature emotionally. The more you are able the process your thoughts, the more mature you will become emotionally. At least this has happened for me. I would look back at some journals and I can see that I don't think the same way that I used to think anymore.

Journaling helps you know yourself better. Research says that humans have more than 6000 thoughts per day. I feel like I barely remember any of them. You ever thought about a good idea and completely forget it later on? That has happened to me too many times to remember. Every time I can, I would write important things that come to mind. The good and the ugly. The more I put my thoughts on paper, the more I see how I think and the health of my heart.

Journaling helps you have a grateful heart. Let me start by saying that you need a lot more than journaling to have a grateful heart, but it helps. I have a journal prompt called (Small/Big Blessings) that I write every night. This prompt started with bullet points of five good things that happen during the day. I started this in 2017. Now, I don't just write bullet points, I write full sentences. I would encourage you to start this way. It's a good way to get used to the idea of journaling. When you skip a day, don't beat yourself up over it. Just start again the next day. I have an alarm reminder right before bedtime; if you are an alarm person, you may want to do that.

Journaling improves mental health. Research shows that journaling is a great tool to improve mental health. If you are currently suffering internally, I strongly encourage you to put your thoughts on paper. One of my favorite thing to say is "write because the pen will not talk back". I have a journal that says that. Often time, I battle with this notion of what would people think of me if I share how I was really feeling with them. If you don't have the means to have a therapist, please start writing your thoughts and speak to a trusted friend. You are not alone.

I noticed that most men have the mindset that journaling is a woman thing, so I asked my friend Martin who journal his thoughts on journaling.

"Journaling for me gives me a sense of self-awareness that I never thought was possible. Before journaling I've always been a pretty introspective individual and believed to be a well aware person, that was until I started consistently journaling. My improved self-awareness allowed me to pick out patterns in my thinking fostering a much stronger relationship I have with myself, and a more peaceful one at that. I tend to have a bit of anxiety as well and journaling has significantly reduced the feelings of anxiety allowing me to get thoughts out of my head and onto physical paper letting me free up mental space to be more present with those around me and most importantly with myself. :)" ~ Martin Felix

Prayer Journal helps you see when God moves. Added tip, you should pray in your journal. 90% of the time, I pray in my journal. I am so happy that I do because when I go back to read my journals, I am usually in awe of the way that God answers my prayers. When I pray in my journal, I tend to be more intentional about it.

Overall, a gratitude journal helps you have a positive outlook on life. I can always tell the difference in my life when I do my daily small/big blessings. On the days I'm the most positive, know that I've been doing my gratitude journal and I have been praying consistently. If you don't have a journal and you would like to start journaling, I have a variety of journals in store for you to choose from. Click here to shop.

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