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3 Ways to Support Small Businesses

Updated: May 10, 2022

Cover Image: Daenne's Journal

Daenne's Journal Fam,

Here are a 3 ways that you can support small business.

1. Buy the product at full price!

If your friend or someone you know has a small business or has any special of product/service they offer, do not ask them for a discount. Buy the Product at full price! Asking for a discount is not a way of supporting. My best friend recently started her business "bon ti epis" and she told me that she was sending my parents some of her product, I told her thank you, but I will send you the money. She jokingly said, "I would not make your mom pay for that, it's like making my mom pay for it." I told her, no you are not making her pay, I am paying it because I want to support you. Let's look at it this way. When you go to the mall and you see a price tag, you either take it or leave it. If there is any promotion going on, they will offer it to you. It is the same thing for small businesses. You either take it or leave it. Now if the person offers you a discount you can take it, but don't be the one to ask especially if that is your friend.

2. Spread the word on social media.

If you say you love someone, support their hustle, don't try to break them.Purchasing products is not the only way you can support someone. We live in a time where everything is at our fingertip, and followers is what we are not missing. If you can't buy, spread the word on social media. That is another way of supporting!

3. Word of mouth

Word of mouth with our inner circle is one of the best valuable marketing tool. If someone I trust tell me about a product, I will most likely get it instead of the seller themselves. So, spread the word.

I will lead by example. Here are a few of my favorites that YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED IN YOUR LIFE! You will thank me later.

Check out my best friend's business Bon ti epis (good ol' spice). Bon ti epis is a Haitian Seasoning, the missing flavor to your food. Be sure to DM her to purchase your jar, your delivery and handling is on me if you live in Miami.

Check out my very good friend Kiara Pajon business Happily Ever Creation . I have never met someone who loves Disney more than Ki does. I have seen her workplace, and she puts all her love and passion in her work. See for yourself by clicking here. Order today to receive a 10% off with the discount code DAENNESJOURNAL.

Check out Powerful Presenting by my friend Jefferson Noel. This is a book that I believe everyone needs to read whether you are a public speaker or not. As a public speaker I learned so many things from Jefferson, and I can say that my public speaking has improved because of him. His tips are very practical! I use many of his tips off the podium. Click here to purchase your copy.

Check out Simple Vision by my very good friend Frandy. Simple Vision is a mobile optical company. You don't need to go to a store, they will come to you. Frandy has a very big heart and a heart to serve, let him take care of your optical needs. When you buy one pair of glasses, you get the 50% off the second pair. Click here to get in contact with him.

Check out my friend Nanette business page to get your nails done. She is so talented and cares about her customers. Apparently not all polish goes with my nails, that is something I didn't know. She takes care of my nails as if it was her own. Click here to book an appointment with her today. Her prices are the best, believe me.

Check out How to Love the Bible by P Derek Allen. I have come a long way with the Bible. The Bible has become a book that I actually love, I would never think that I would be that person today. This book will help you understand and connect every in a deeper way. Click here to purchase your copy.

Check out my very first product "a Journal". As you probably know, I love journaling and it is one of the things that keep me going. I was inspired to design this journal for you, so you can write your heart out as well. Click here to get your journal and use the Promo code DAENNESJOURNALFAM for free shipping!!!

If you haven’t already, follow @daennesjournal on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

Don't forget to support your own.

Don't leave this for later, think about someone in your circle that started a new project, support them in any way that you can TODAY.

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