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A Trip Down Memory Lane: all Odyssey Blog Posts

Updated: May 10, 2022

Cover Image by: Lavender D Sheshe

Daenne's Journal's 4th anniversary helped me take a trip down memory lane. I realized that if you are new to my blogging journey, you have no idea about the articles I wrote on Odyssey Online. Here are all 49 articles that I wrote during my time with the Odyssey. You can really see the growth through my writing as they are in chronological order. Happy reading!

Why you shouldn’t buy at the College Bookstore

Do it for you

Why you should be grateful each and every

10 Reasons why you should go to Converge Christian Retreat

To my best friend on her Birthday

5 things every bride to be should know

10 reasons why you should do the National Student Exchange Program

There is beauty in your brokenness

Daenne’s Exchange Journey

5 Important steps to take when going on Exchange

Christmas should be celebrated all year long

10 things you should know about a premed

11 questions premed don’t want you to ask

You don’t have to worry God is working for you

To my mom on her graduation

Stop saying 2017 was not your year just because your wish didn’t come true

15 things you should know about God’s GPS

10 reasons why you should join phi delta epsilon

I am second and I am happy

Daenne’s journal most frequently asked questions

There is no straight road in life

Happy valentine’s day Daenne’s Journal fam

Inner circle evaluation

The walk of purity

Tomorrow is not promised

Getting to love God

I don’t have it all together

To my Baby brother on his 18th birthday

Representing God well

Are you ready for the flood?

Because of the flood

What is the limit?

What you should know about identity theft

Our weaknesses set us apart

To my person on her birthday

Living in the past is dangerous

The night won’t last, neither will the day

Do not let your past experience determine who you help

15 things I wish I could tell myself before I transfer

Communication is key to every relationship

As chrsitians we should not read the Bible partially

A lot can happen in a year

Our layovers are temporary

Daenne’s Salvation Testimony

There is no stopping you

You were not always like this

New heart resolution

He made you for more, do not settle

The problem is not always the problem

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